About Heart2Lift

Determined to create something better, Heart2Lift was formed to help lift the spirits of as many children and families as we can across the United States.

How Heart2Lift Helps

Heart2Lift Totes

Heart2Lift delivers age appropriate totes full of coloring books, crayons, puzzles, and other items to children having extended hospital stays.

Fundraiser Events

Heart2Lift group fundraising events offer people who want to help a unique way to get involved and invite others to participate. Our group workout events provide a challenging yet fun workout for everyone, young to more seasoned.


Heart2Lift volunteers spend quality time with kids helping lift their spirits and accelerate their improvements.

Staff Members


Melisa Ashby

“I’m Melisa, founder of Heart2lift. I am a University of La Verne graduate and have worked in the child development field for 12 years before pursuing my dream of starting a children’s foundation. In those years, I had the pleasure of working with infants to five year olds. There is one thing that has never left my heart and that is how some of the smallest things whether it be a sticker, a song, or being silly can have an impact on these children for a lifetime. Now my dream is to have this same impact on as many ill children and their families as I can.”

Taylor Hagan
Director of Events

“My name is Taylor. I currently am yoga instructor and mother to my wonderful son. Throughout my life I have done multiple jobs from, factory work to Legal
assistant to restaurant manager, to youth fitness instructor but none of them fit what my main goals were. Which was to be a good mother to my child and help people. So when Melisa came to me with this idea and asked if I wanted to be a part of it, I was completely excited about it. With Heart2Lift it gives everyone the opportunity to help a sick child make there day a little brighter and it gave me the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life and still take care of the child most important to me, my son. I currently live in Dallas, Texas, but my hope is that I will travel all around the world helping people wherever I can. Heart2Lift gives me the perfect opportunity for that.”

Kaela Kelly

“I’m a new mother, soon to be wife and native Californian. I’ve been a nurse for going on 10 years, working in large trauma ERs and kids have always held a special place in my heart. I’ve seen the way a small toy or something to let them know that they are safe and loved can change a child’s day. Making it easy and exciting to have the opportunity to join this great organization.”